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Features The Web Guide System Should Satisfy For The Highest Accuracy
08-13-2021, 07:04 PM,
Features The Web Guide System Should Satisfy For The Highest Accuracy
For a high accuracy web guide system, not only you should consider the ability of web guiding, but also consider the characteristics of the coil and its movement on the machine. High accurate web guiding system will help greatly improve productivity and reduce production waste. Large system gain, the quick response speed of the driver, the smallest loose connection & drivers rebounded, will do a great favor for the high-precise web guide system.

Usually, the precision of 0.3 mm can meet most of the applications, which is also the accuracy that most web guide systems can achieve with general settings. But to achieve 0.1 mm or higher accuracy, coil, web guide machine, and equipment must meet some requirements.
Conditions of the web guide system and coils should satisfy
1. The input of the web offset is a type offset of the steady-state.

2. The input of the web offset ranges within the driver limit.

3. Prouch, rebound, or probe of the connector is small enough.

4. The initial push power of the driver is large enough.
Features of the web guide system should satisfy
1. Inverse second of 40 seconds

2. The maximum lateral positional offset is less than 4 mm / second, at the speed of 25 meters/minute and the lateral offset angle is less than 6 degrees.

3. The frequency of any coil rack or the horizontal cycle is less than 6.4 Hz.

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