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Useful tips about all-in-one Web Guiding System
07-29-2021, 04:28 PM,
Useful tips about all-in-one Web Guiding System
The All-in-one web guiding system provides three different detection methods, which include edge detection, line tracking, or alignment detection. The drive system is driven by a brushless motor and the drive stroke is strictly proportional to the coil offset. The system can also be used in conjunction with different sensors to meet the needs of different coils, such as ultrasonic sensors, photoelectric sensors, CCD sensors, etc. The microcomputer digital controller provides precise control for the various functions of the guide system.

Daily Maintenance Of All-in-one Web Guiding System
1.Alignment: Tools, workpieces, and accessories should be placed neatly. The web guiding system should be equipped with thorough protection equipment.

2. Cleaning: Cleaning inside and outside including all sliding surfaces, guidelines, gears, racks, etc, ensuring all parts will not leak oil, water, air, or electricity.

3. Lubricating: Refuel and change oil timely. The oil quality meets the requirements. Oil tanks, oil guns, oil cups, lumps, tubes should be clean and keep complete.

4.Safety: The operation personnel should be familiar with the maintenance structure of the web guide system, complying with the operating procedures and reasonably use the all-in-one system with daily maintenance, carefully maintenance tools to prevent accidents.

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