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What Is The Relationship Between The Hardness And Wear Resistance For Tungsten Carbid
07-29-2021, 04:24 PM,
What Is The Relationship Between The Hardness And Wear Resistance For Tungsten Carbid
Wear-resistant components made by tungsten carbide as raw materials can be referred to as carbide wear parts, which have high hardness, strong wear resistance, wide industrial applications. Excellent wear resistance and high hardness make them suitable for manufacturing mechanical parts and drawing die featuring high-temperature resistance, friction resistance, corrosion-resistant.

Wear resistance refers to the ability to resist friction, and the tungsten carbide, which is a very widely used material, has high wear resistance. What is the relationship between the hardness and wear resistance for tungsten carbide?

In general, the higher the hardness is, the better the wear resistance. The smaller the particles of the tungsten steel has, the higher the hardness, the better wear resistance. The wear resistance of the cemented carbide is related to the contained proportion of titanium carbide, cobalt carbide. It will be higher hardness and better wear resistance, with more titanium carbide and less cobalt.

The tungsten carbide can reach 86 ~ 93hra at normal temperature, which is equivalent to 69 to 81HRC. High hardness can be maintained at 900 to 1000 ° C with excellent wear resistance. The cemented carbide has been made by a series of refractory metal carbides such as WC, TiC, NBC, and Vc with a powder metallurgical method as a binder. Compared with the superhard material, it has high toughness. Compared to high-speed steel, it has high hardness and wears resistance.

Hardness is an important performance indicator for measuring metal materials, which is the ability of a material to resist elastic deformation, plastic deformation and damage. If other factors have not been considered, the relationship between hardness and wear resistance is that the higher the hardness, the better the wear resistance. Relatively, the same material has different surface treatments, and the hardness is proportional to wear resistance.

However, the material with the best wear resistance doesn’t surely have a high hardness. For example, the hardness of cast iron which is the common wear-resistant material is not high.


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