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Bio: In massive theft auto they recently put filters to filter out bad products like sexual content, gore,etc. this means when people recently said no to your child about GTA think again because with the filter, the reel clubs are grown. and incidentally the good sense your little one will want this competition is because of online and thats exactly what the online premium edition is for. that merely will allow that you make online unless you buy another 15 dollar pass. Drug plants become public way to make money from the competition but the chances of you making one is slim as you want alot of capital. profanity can be filtered and so here could be no cursing but being a parent of 1 my 12 year older joke probably examines the f word 100 moments at college in a day and many sexual things that the kids say if they could visit school therefore they can get this ready. with with this age they can be trusted they could not appear it but believe everyone they preserve, then seldom review at what your children are make in the game.