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The manufacturing method of tungsten carbide
09-13-2021, 07:20 PM,
The manufacturing method of tungsten carbide
The production of the cemented carbide is to mix tungsten carbide and cobalt in a certain proportion, pressurize into various shapes, and then semi-sintered. The sintering temperature is 1300-1500°C.

When manufacturing cemented carbide, the selected raw material powder has a particle size between 1 and 2 microns, and the purity is very high. The raw materials are mixed according to the specified composition ratio, and the medium is added into the wet ball mill to wet-grind them for making them fully mixed and crushed. After drying and sieving, the forming agent is added, and then the mixture is dried and sieved. Then, when the mixture is granulated and pressed, and heated to close to the melting point of the binder metal (1300-1500°C), the hardened phase and the binder metal will form a eutectic alloy. After cooling, a solid whole is formed. The hardness of cemented carbide depends on the hardened phase content and grain size, that is, the higher the hardened phase content and the finer the grains, the greater the hardness. The toughness of cemented carbide is determined by the bond metal. The higher the content of the bond metal, the greater the bending strength.

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