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What is solventless lamination technology
08-31-2021, 06:14 PM,
What is solventless lamination technology
The products in the packaging and printing industry are inseparable from the use of organic solvents, which brings many emissions of VOCs, Solventless lamination technology adopts a solvent-free adhesive instead of solvent-based adhesive, which can avoid VOCs emissions from the source.

Solvent-free laminating technology is an important environmentally friendly technology applied to the flexible packaging industry. It is a machining method which adopts a solvent-free adhesive to make the membrane substrate such as plastic film or other film-shaped material laminate each other, through the curing process which is a chemical reaction of the adhesive, making each layer of substrate firmly bonded together, thus, multi-layer composite films are obtained.

Advantages Of Solventless Lamination Technology
Compared to traditional dry laminating, solventless lamination has significant advantages in the following aspects.

Saving resources
Due to no solvent use, it saves solvent costs and saves a large amount of energy consumption without the dried process. With less gluing, the coating weight of solvent-free lamination unit area adhesive is two-fifths of the coating weight of dry laminating unit area adhesive.

Safety and environmentally friendly
The adhesive of a solvent-free lamination is 100% glue, which does not contain any solvent, thus, in the production process, except that during the time of shutdown, there is a need to clean the gluing portion with a small amount of solvent, there are no emissions of solvent, VOCs and other pollutants, which will not produce pollution for the health and surrounding environment of the production worker. No combustible, explosive organic solvents in solventless laminating technology, there will be good safety. The hygienic performance of the composite film will not be reduced due to the existence of residual solvent.

Low costs
Each solventless laminating production line will have much less energy consumption than a dry laminating production line. The solventless laminating machine has high speed and the production cost can be lowered. The highest speed of the solventless machines is above 600 m/min, generally in 200m/min. As there’s no waste generated, there is no need to configure expensive environmental equipment and corresponding operating expenses.

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