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Useful tips for roller fairlead
08-31-2021, 05:40 PM,
Useful tips for roller fairlead
The working system of the fairlead mainly includes roller cooling, roller lubrication, and fuel system.

1. Cooling System
The system is divided into freshwater cooling systems, seawater cooling systems, and central cooling systems. In order to spread this heat, the cooling liquid is used to continuously flow through the thermal member.

2. Lubrication System
The system includes lubrication, cooling, cleaning, sealing, corrosion, reducing noise.

3. Fuel system
The system mainly includes fuel installation, storage, dismissal, purification, heat, etc. The heating equipment to maintain heavy oil in the oil tank for maintaining the fluidity of heavy oil. Heavy oil should be purified and atomized by purification and atomization before transporting the roller fairlead high-pressure oil pump.

Installation Precautions For Roller Fairlead
For the installation of the roller fairlead, what should be paid attention to?

1. Safety
It is necessary to pay attention to safety, although the device is not flammable, the safety environmental requirements should meet.

2. Environment
It is necessary to pay attention to avoiding environmental moisture and ensure that the environment has been in a dry state, avoiding rust in the process of installation.

3. Packaging
In the packaging requirements, it is to ensure excellent functions, extending the service life.

Maintenance Of Roller Fairlead
The roller fairlead is always exposed. If it is not well maintained in use, it will increase the chance of damage in use. The maintenance work is needed. So, how does the maintenance work do? Here are some instructions.

Anti-rust Work
For roller fairlead, made with stainless steel materials, people should apply a certain anti-rust oil on its surface before use, and reduce the rust chance in use through anti-rust oil, to ensure a good appearance.

Checking Work
Each component of roller fairlead is needed to be checked for daily use. For any small problem in the check, it is necessary to be paid attention and solve it, which will reduce the chances of damaging for ensuring the long-term service life.

Preventing Deformation
The deformation will affect the use. If the deformation is serious, it will directly lead to the occurrence of fracture. So in the applications,can prevent it from deforming through the control of the pressure.

Daily maintenance can ensure the normal use of roller fairlead, guaranteeing the good effect.


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