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What is the roller fairlead
08-31-2021, 05:29 PM,
What is the roller fairlead
Fairlead refers to the general name of the various devices which guide, limit, or change the direction and position of the cable without damaging the cable. Roller fairlead is one of the most widely used fairleads and is an important part of the marine mooring device.
The Constitute Of Roller Fairlead
TheĀ roller fairlead is consisting of vertical rollers and horizontal rollers, which are replaced with a roller cable and have added a horizontal roller. It can direct cables from all directions can be guided. In addition to commonly used four-rolled fairlead, there are types of three rollers, five rollers, six rollers, seven rollers and nine rollers.

The warping roller fairlead is made of several independent rollers, closed and open, according to the number of separate rollers, the types of double rollers, three rollers, and four rollers are widely used. It can simultaneously derive the root cable, mostly used in large and medium-sized ships.

Important Role For Marine Mooring Device
The roller fairlead is suitable for the mooring of the engineering ship and the strait waterway with multi-directional conductors. There are also a relatively large roller fairlead that allows the ambulance person to transport the wounded person from here when there is an accident. The function of the roller fairlead is related to the normal navigation of the ship and the efficiency of the treatment personnel, even related to the life safety of the ship.

Working Principle Of Roller Fairlead
One basic working cycle of the roller fairlead is divided into five processes including intake, compression, combustion, expansion, exhaust.

When the roller works, the piston is moved back and forth in the cylinder, and this motion is converted to the crankshaft rotation motion by the crank link mechanism. The top of the piston movement in the cylinder is called a dead center, and the lowest position of the cylinder achieved by the movement is referred to as a stopping point. The piston from the dead point to the stop point becomes a stroke. Every turn in the crankshaft, the piston has two strokes.

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