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Sinstar Solventless Laminator Types
07-29-2021, 04:42 PM,
Sinstar Solventless Laminator Types
Now Sinstar has several series of solventless laminating machines, including the series of WRJSi9, WRJi9, WRJFi9, SIL90, WRJSLi5, C180, E280, S380. Compared with the single station solventless laminating machine, the double station type mainly has the following advantages.

On June 8, 2021, Sinstar has launched a new product - a three-layer solventless laminator and machine model is WRJSi9.

Three-layer composite machines, as the name implies is a solventless machine realizing one-time composite forming of three-layer materials. In recent years, there is a high-speed development for solventless composite, and the requirements for composite process and equipment functions are increasing. The solventless lamination equipment which can carry out the substrates compounding of multi-layer materials on a composite machine is in urgent need.

Sinstar three-layer solventless machine has a reasonable structural layout, simple loading, saving time and effort, realizing one-time molding for three-layer composite, which is beneficial to improve production efficiency and product quality.


1. Simple and convenient to load

2.Shorten the delivery term

3.Increase productivity

4. Greatly reduces the labor intensity of employees

5.Save electricity energy

6. Easy to operate

S1L90 Series
The S1L90 series solventless laminator includes models of S1L90-1000A, S1L90-1300A, S1L90-1600A.


1. Combination of ergonomics &green packaging technology

2.Redefining tension(Rational tension)

3.Farewell to sensuous tension´╝łTactile tension)

4.Same tension at high and low speeds

5.Digital tension system

6. External roll-diameter status display

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