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Volledige versie: Advantages of solventless adhesives
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In recent years, with the increasing environmental protection awareness, solvent-free laminating adhesives are more widely used in the flexible packaging industry. This article will introduce the advantages, problems and development trends of solventless adhesives.
1.Environmentally friendly
Solvent-free laminating composite adopts solventless adhesive, which will not volatilize VOCs nor produce any irritating odor. It solves the problem of residual solvents in the packaging, eliminating the erosion of the organic solvent on the printing ink, can also achieve cleaning production, conducive to environmental protection.

2. Energy saving
The solventless laminating machine does not need to be dried, which reduces energy consumption. Moreover, in the late-ripening process, the maturation temperature of the solvent-free composite is substantially the same as the dry composite, so the energy consumption is also relatively close.

3. Safety
Since there is no organic solvent, so no need to adopt explosive and warm measures during production, transportation, storage and use and no need to specifically build a warehouse for solvent storage, more importantly, there is no harm to the health of the operator.

4.High Efficient
The speed of solventless machine adopting solvent-free adhesive is generally 250 ~ 350 m / min, even up to 400 to 500 m / min, while the solvent-based adhesive composite is generally 150 ~ 180 m / min.

5. Low cost
a. The coating amount of solvent-free adhesive is usually from 1.3 to 1.8 g / m2, while dry composite is 2.5-4 g / m2, and therefore, the amount of adhesive consumption can be reduced by about 50% compared to dry composite.

b. Since the solventless composite process does not require a drying process, energy cost is effectively reduced. After calculating, the energy consumption cost of the solventless lamination machine is 1/15 of the cost of dry composite consumption.

c. From the production efficiency, the efficiency of the solvent-free lamination machine is 1.5-2 times higher than that of ordinary dry composite, effectively reduces production costs.