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Volledige versie: Why choose web guide system
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The web guide, as the name implies, is to correct the misalignment. Under the current situation of the skyrocketing price of mask raw materials, a little bit of material is particularly precious. At this time, the full application of the web guide system on the mask machine is extremely urgent!
1. Using 940nm infrared emission tube and imported silicon photocell to accurately detect the deviation of melt-blown cloth, the servo motor drives the ball screw to precisely adjust the material deviation

2. Solve the problem of material waste and multilayer material bonding in mask production through photoelectric technology

3. Reduce the waste of mask melt-blown cloth by about 30%

4. The production speed of masks is doubled

5. Significantly reduce labor costs: from one person operating one machine to one person operating 4 machines

6. The pass rate of masks has risen sharply

7. The machine adopts full touch screen operation, simple and easy to use

8. The operation interface contains languages of 8 countries, with a user-friendly design

9. High precision edge position control of the coil materials  to ensure neat winding and slitting