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WRJ i9 Series
The WRJ i9 Series solventless machine includes models of WRJ i9-1000A, WRJ i9-1300A, WRJ i9-1600A.
Advanced systems

CWDS: Coating Weight Directly Inputting system

MRPS: Multiple Ratio Protection System

CCMS: Coating Clearance Memorizing System

FCS: Fast Cleaning System

PCWD: Precise Coating Weight Detecting system
WRJF i9 Series
The [/url][url=]WRJF i9 Series solventless lamination machine includes models of WRJF i9-1000A, WRJF i9-1300A, WRJF i9-1600A.

1. Simple Operation.

2. Automatic analyzing.

3. One-button multiple-points position system.

4. High viscosity glue feeding and coating applicable.

5. Accurate swinging arm tension to control aluminum foil movement.

6. Active unwinding for aluminum foil through motor control.